Updating your beneficiary information is very important. Your beneficiary is the person or entity you name to receive the life insurance benefit in the event of your passing.

Active employees can update beneficiary information anytime by logging in to the EasyEnroll System. Click on "Select Benefits" and choose "Change in Dependent or Beneficiary Information" from the Life Events menu.

If you are a Retiree or an LTD Participant, please complete a new Beneficiary Designation Form if you would like to update your beneficiary information and return the completed form to GW Benefits.

You can elect both primary and contingent beneficiaries. A primary beneficiary is who you would wish to receive benefits from your life insurance if you die while covered. A contingent beneficiary will receive benefits if all primary beneficiaries die before you do.

Please note that beneficiary information held by GW applies to the GW Life and AD&D coverage through Liberty Mutual and the active employee death benefit only. In order to update your beneficiary information for other individual life coverage policies (such as Universal Life coverage through Transamerica), for your retirement plans or your health savings account, please update your beneficiary information directly with the respective provider(s).