Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

You may use the Dependent Care FSA to pay for eligible dependent care expenses that allow you to work. If you are married, your spouse must also work, be a full-time student, or be disabled.

Eligible Dependents

  • Your children under the age of 13 whom you claim as tax dependents (if you are divorced or separated, you may be able to claim reimbursement for childcare expenses you pay even if you cannot claim the child as an exemption).
  • Your spouse who is physically or mentally incapable of self-care and who resides with you for more than half the year.
  • Any other dependent that is physically or mentally incapable of self-care whom you can claim as a dependent on your tax return and who resides with you for more than half the year.

Eligible Expenses

  • Before and after-school programs
  • Care in your own home – or in someone else’s home (as long as the caregiver is not your dependent and is age 19 or older)
  • Daycare – at a licensed child or adult facility
  • Nursery school or preschool
  • Summer day camp
  • Housekeeper who performs dependent care duties
  • Taxes paid toward a caregiver’s wages

Ineligible expenses

  • Care for a child age 13 or older who is not disabled
  • Care given by a provider for whom you don’t have a Social Security Number or tax ID number
  • Overnight camp
  • Babysitting during times other than when you are working
  • Educational costs for kindergarten and higher grades
  • Long-term care services

A complete list of eligible and non-eligible expenses can be found at HealthHub.  HealthHub, powered by PayFlex, administers FSAs for GW employees and dependents.

Please Note: The Dependent Care FSA may not be used for health care expenses for your dependents and your annual Dependent Care FSA maximum election amount may be reduced based on non-discrimination testing.

The Flexible Accounts Summary Plan Description (PDF) provides a summary plan description of the FSA Plan, and is intended to provide you with a general understanding of the Plan.

Additional Resources from GW's FSA Provider