In most cases, you may only elect or make changes to your benefits once a year during Open Enrollment.  However, mid-year elections and changes can be made if you are a new hire (or newly eligible) or if you experience a qualified life event (QLE) (ex. have a baby, get married).  Remember, you only have 30 calendar days to make changes related to your mid year event. And if you leave GW, you’ll have the option to continue certain benefits.

Your annual opportunity to make health benefits changes and to add or drop coverage for eligible dependents.

Annual Open Enrollment 

Make mid-year changes if you are a new employee (or newly eligible) or if you recently experienced a qualified life event (QLE) (ex. had a baby, got married, gained/lost coverage).  Also, find information here on benefits continuation should you leave the university. 

Mid-year Changes


Find out more about the Tuition Remission and Tuition Exchange programs and access the applications to get started.

Apply for Tuition Benefits

Enroll for the first time in the GW retirement plans, change your existing contribution percent, or change your investment providers.

Retirement Savings Enrollment