Health and Welfare Enrollment

An online enrollment tool called EasyEnroll is used to enroll in Health and Welfare Benefits. You can access EasyEnroll from any computer at any time during your enrollment period. Your enrollment deadline is 30 calendar days from your date of hire or qualified life event, or during Annual Open Enrollment.

To make the most of your GW benefits, you’ll need to make informed choices using the information in the Benefits Guide.

EasyEnroll Login Instructions for Active Faculty and Staff:

  1. Read the Benefits Guide and consider your benefit needs.

  2. Log on to EasyEnroll.

  3. Enter your GWID without the 'G'.

  4. You will then be prompted to enter your password. Your initial password is the last four digits of your Social Security number or last four digits of your GWID if you don’t have a Social Security number. If at anytime you have forgotten your password, please contact the Benefits Call Center at 888-4GWUBEN (449-8236).

  5. Click on the “Click Here to Enroll Now” button.

  6. You will then be directed to select the qualified life event that best describes the reason you are entering the online enrollment system. If you are a newly hired employee enrolling for the first time, please select, “Newly Eligible.”

  7. Follow the prompts to make your benefit elections.

  8. Enter your life insurance beneficiary information.

  9. Print a confirmation statement, review it for accuracy, and keep it for your records.

EasyEnroll Instructions (PDF) can also be downloaded. GW’s Enrollment ID is 94605. Please use this if you encounter a screen which asks for a Portal or Enrollment ID to continue with enrollment.

Manage Your Benefits Throughout The Year

EasyEnroll does more than capture your new hire benefits choices. You can use EasyEnroll to find information on managing your benefits throughout the year.

You can also find benefit summaries and costs, vendor contact information, Summary Plan Descriptions, and more on our website. To speak with an associate, please call (888) 4GWUBEN (449-8236).

Remember: You will not be able to make changes to your benefits or covered dependents at any time during the year unless you have a qualified life event.

Confirming Your Elections

After you submit your enrollment elections and review the confirmation page, you are finished! We recommend printing or saving the enrollment confirmation page to verify your election choices because no confirmation statement will be sent to you.

IMPORTANT: During your new hire enrollment period (30 calendar days from date of hire), you can log on as often as you like. The elections on file as of the enrollment deadline will be your final coverage.

REMINDER! Health Advocate is available to assist you with making your new hire or qualified life event plan choices.