Investment Providers and Performance

GW’s retirement plans are supported by two investment providers: TIAA and Fidelity Investments. Vanguard funds are also offered through Fidelity Investments.

Investment Performance Summaries report the recent quarterly performance of the investment options available to GW faculty and staff who participate in the retirement plans. 

  • Fidelity - For the most recent monthly performance information:

The GW Retirement Plans at Fidelity (PDF)

  • TIAA - For the most recent quarterly performance information:

The GW Retirement Plans At TIAA (PDF)


TIAA was founded by the Carnegie Corporation and the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. TIAA offers a fixed annuity, real estate fund and CREF  annuities including stock, bonds, social choice, global equities and money market options.

Please review the Contract Comparison Chart (PDF) to understand the features of contract types available from TIAA

Note: Please contact TIAA directly to receive additional commercial information published for your use. 

Fidelity Investments

The Fidelity group of mutual funds was established in 1946. It is one of the largest investment managers in the country, servicing millions of shareholder accounts. Fidelity offers a large number of funds, and your contributions can be directed to any one fund or a combination of funds. Each fund has a different investment philosophy and goal. The funds invest in a wide variety of money market, bond and equity instruments.

Please note that Vanguard funds are offered through Fidelity Investments.

Note: Please contact Fidelity Investments directly to receive additional commercial information published for your use.