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Mid-year Changes

During your employment, you may update or change certain benefits mid-year as a new hire/newly eligible or when you experience a qualified life event (QLE).

An experience that changes a person’s family or work status often qualifies as a QLE. In such circumstances you may make changes to your health and welfare plans and add or drop eligible dependents from coverage within 30 calendar days after the event occurred.

Remember, the changes you make must be consistent with the event. For example, if you lost medical coverage, you could enroll in a GW medical plan but you could not enroll in dental or vision. You would need to wait until open enrollment to enroll in those plans.


Learn about the benefits available to you as a new employee (or if you’re newly eligible) and enroll for the first time in the GW health and welfare plans.

New Employee 


Learn more about life events and make a mid-year change if you have recently experienced one.

Qualifying Life Event


Learn about the benefits available to you as an ACA Eligible Employee and enroll.

Learn about how your benefits coverage will change when your employment with GW ends.

Leaving GW


Contact us if you have any questions as to whether an event qualifies and which changes you are eligible to make. We’re here to help.

30 Calendar Day Deadline

When you experience a QLE, you have 30 calendar days from the date of the event to make changes to your benefits. If you miss the 30 calendar day deadline, you will need to wait until the open enrollment period, which occurs in late fall, or experience another QLE to make changes.

We cannot process a future event, meaning you need to wait until the event happens first, then you have 30 calendar days to request the change.