Retirement Savings

To support faculty and staff in realizing their savings goals, GW provides the opportunity to invest in a competitive retirement plan package with a selection of investment options. We offer two primary retirement plans:

Enrolling in the GW Retirement Plans makes saving automatic. The money you contribute is conveniently deducted from each paycheck. And tax-deferred earnings help maximize the potential for your retirement contributions to grow over time.

The Enrollment Guide (PDF) provides information about available plans, providers, and enrollment instructions, and can help you understand the importance of planning for retirement. You can enroll or make changes in your GW retirement plan online through the provider's website, from where you can change contributions, change investment carriers, transfer funds, and request withdrawals or loans.

GW’s retirement plans are supported by two investment providers: Fidelity Investments and TIAA. The Investment Performance Summaries report the recent performance of the investment options available to GW faculty and staff who participate in the 403(b) and 401(a) retirement plans at GW.

Retirement Counseling

Our investment providers offer free on-campus retirement counseling for those who would like to talk through options for saving with an expert.


If you pass away prior to withdrawing your retirement savings from the univeristy's plans, your plan assets will be transferred to your designated beneficiaries. You can update your beneficiary information at anytime with your chosen retirement provider(s), either through your provider's website or contact your provider to request a paper form.

You should make sure your beneficiary information is updated and reflects your current wishes, as deisgnated beneficiaries under the retirement plans take priority over the terms of your will.