Retiring from GW

Are you eligible to retire from GW?

Benefit-eligible GW faculty and staff are eligible for retirement under the following circumstances:

  • Reach age 65 (no minimum service requirement)
  • Reach age 60, with a minimum of 10 years of continuous full-time GW service*
  • Reach age 55, with a minimum of 20 years of continuous full-time GW service*

*Service must be continuous, although breaks in service of less than 12 months will be disregarded. Part-time service will also count toward service requirements on a pro rata basis (e.g. part-time service at 50% of full time hours will count as 1 year of full-time equivalent service for every 2 years of 50% service). If you are not sure how many years of service you have completed with GW, please contact your HR representative or GW Benefits.

Planning for Retirement

If you are getting ready to retire, please review the Preparing for Retirement page; here, you will find a timeline of steps that you should take leading up to your retirement, including whom to contact and when. Please also revew the Retirement Planning Guide (PDF) which describes what happens to your employee benefits and which benefits may continue into retirement.

GW retirees remain eligible for benefits from the university.  The Health and Welfare Plan SPD for Retired Employees (PDF) describes each of the benefits offered, including medical, prescription, dental and life insuranceHealth Advocate's document on Planning for Retirement (PDF) lists resources related to planning for long-term healthcare costs and other financial topics during retirement.